What is tape anyway?


Rinrei tape!
As our company name suggests, we are a tape manufacturer.
We manufacture a wide variety of tapes, from tapes like that, tapes like this, tapes that you don't normally see, to general tapes.

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What kind of company is Rinrei Tape?

Is it about time for the word "tape" to gestalt collapse? I've been too... So (?), is it okay if I talk about such a "tape" today? That's what it means.

Tape is generally
(・Back treatment)
 ・Base material
It consists of

Briefly explain each one...

・Back treatment
It may or may not.
With tape without a separator, the adhesive and the back of the tape stick directly to each other, so we take measures to prevent them from sticking together.
There are various methods such as applying chemicals or making it rough.

・Base material
The name of the core of the tape.
Cloth tape is cloth, kraft tape is kraft paper, and masking tape is Japanese paper.
Cloth, paper, non-woven fabric, film, anything!
When I looked into it, there were companies that applied adhesive to anything other than air and liquids...
It's an important base material for tape, but some double-sided tapes include baseless double-sided tapes...
Come to the world of adhesive tape...

The most important thing in tape is the adhesive! ! ! !
Strong or weak, strong against heat, sticks even if it's cold...
Natural rubber, acrylic, synthetic rubber, urethane, etc... There are a lot of types.

Also called release paper or release film.
It is attached to the adhesive side of the tape and prevents direct contact with the back.

I flew a lot, but it looks like this.

I digress a little, but when I'm at a tape shop, I get asked this question.
What is the difference between tape and sticker?

If it is a scroll wrapped around a paper tube, tape,
Is it a sticker if it comes with a separator (release paper) and is in the form of a sheet?
Actually, this area is ambiguous, and some people may have seen it, but there is also a tape-shaped sticker with a label with a separator wrapped around a paper tube, so I can't say anything! !
Expert help! ! ! ! ! ! XD

I'm doing it loose like this.
From now on, we will continue to update trivial knowledge and know-how about tape, and what this is in the first place, so please keep in touch! !

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