Rinrei Tape × SDGs

We support the Sustainable Development Goals

Local Contribution

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As a member of the local community, we deepen exchanges with locals and offer art events and social studies visits to neighboring elementary schools.

We participate in Yamaage Festival in Nasukarasuyama, where our Tochigi Factory is located.
Our workshops have been held at the festival since 2018 for our original Washi masking tape collage “Chigitte Art”.

Development of eco-friendly products

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We have developed below products.
・Bio cloth tape: base material is 50% plant-based biomass polyethylene
In 2022, we launched a new eco-friendly product brand, the GREEN STYLE series, to raise awareness of environmental issues among and contribute to environmental conservation.

Health Management Declaration

Health and Productivity Management Excellent Corporation 2022 Certificate

We acquired “Excellent Health-conscious Corporation 2022 ” certification.
We put employee’s safety and health as our first priority and offer rewarding work opportunities and great work-life balance to our employees.

Social contribution(recreational activities at nursing homes)

We offer our original Washi tape collage “Chigitte Art” to the elderly people at nursing homes.
Participants tear off washi masking tape and draw an illustration.
This enjoyable and healthy recreation can also decrease the risk of dementia by moving fingertips.

Reuse of closed school as our 2nd factory(Egawa Factory)

the former Egawa Elementary School

On 30 March, 2017, we acquired the former Egawa Elementary School site from Nasukarasuyama City, Tochigi Prefecture and our additional Egawa Factory has been built in this site.
By making effective reuse of abandoned local facilities, our factory deepen a relationship with local governments.