What kind of company is Rinrei Tape?


Hello, this is Rinrei Tape!

What kind of company is Rinrei Tape? ? ? ?
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So, I would like to talk about our company.

As you know, the company name is Rinrei Tape Co., Ltd.
Based on the philosophy of "creating new convenience with adhesive technology", we are a manufacturer that manufactures adhesive tapes as our name suggests.
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Base material (paper, kraft paper, cloth, etc.)

You will have a long horizontal roll of adhesive tape, so cut it to the specified width.

Packing and shipping

That's the flow.

Even if you say tape, if there is packing tape, there is also double-sided tape. And there are many types, so it's not limited to this, but it's like this.

do you get me?
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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