New release of Japanese paper tape that can be used with a dispenser!


Hello, this is Rinrei Tape!
It's already the end of the year...Hurry up...
It's already December, I think everyone is busy, but please take a look! ! !

I'll finish it soon, right away... it's true! ! !

What on November 1st!
"Washi tape that can be used with a dispenser" is now on sale! ! ! (wow
Yes, image Don! !


Since it is the same size as cellophane tape, it can be used with a general tape cutter on the market!
It uses the same adhesive as masking tape, so you can stick it and peel it off!
We are delivering tape shop quality there. (Kiriri
It retains the texture of Japanese paper and is easy to use as it can be cut by hand.
You can use it for simple sealing of envelopes and bags, temporary fixing, and light packaging!

Oh my God, we are also selling it on our base site, so please take a look! !
If there is a voice, we may sell printed tapes like "thank you tapes"...! ?
We are always accepting product, troubles, opinions and impressions, so please feel free to contact us for HP inquiries, Twitter, Instagram DM, etc! !

This time it's short, but around here~

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