What is a very small lot? ? ?


hello! Rinrei tape.

Well, this time, as the title suggests, I would like to talk about one of our recommended products, "Very Small Lot"

What is a very small lot? ?
→Original printing can be done on various substrates!
"We can also handle handwritten images!"

What are the various base materials... So let's talk about it! ! !

①Polyethylene cloth

It is the first base material in a very small lot.
At first, it started under the name of "original curing tape".
Polyethylene cloth is the base material of the familiar "curing tape", which is a green base material.
Various colors are printed!
You can cut it by hand!
Strong against water!

In general, when it comes to printing tape, there is an initial cost for each color, called plate cost.
Therefore, if you don't need so many, if you don't have repeats, it will be expensive.

However! ! ! !

This polyethylene cloth does not require a plate charge! ! Low initial cost! ! !
Moreover, it can be manufactured in small lots, about 1/4 of the normal printing tape (yay
Two types of adhesive strength are available: strong adhesive and removable.

②Polyester cloth
Like polyethylene cloth, it is a base material that can be cut by hand.
Flatter than polyethylene cloth, QR code printing and photo level printing are possible! !
This also does not require a plate fee, so the initial cost is reduced, and it can be printed in full color and manufactured in about 1/4 of the normal lot!

③Special Japanese paper (Washi)
Original printing of masking tape!
Full-color design masking tape is possible in small lots! !
Next to polyethylene cloth and polyester cloth, there is no plate charge! !
Adhesive that does not easily leave glue is used.
④Antibacterial antiviral base material
Original printing can be done on antibacterial and antiviral substrates using natural plaster!
It is possible to prevent indirect contact infection by attaching it to handrails and doorknobs that are often touched by hands.
It reduces the infectivity of the virus by 99.9% in 5 minutes.
This can also be manufactured in small lots without plate charges!

⑤Craft paper
Original printing is possible on the kraft tape used for packaging.
Would you like to devise the packing tape used for shipping?
We can print your company name, store name, logo, etc.

It's been a long time, but that's it!
Please contact us for details as there are conditions depending on each base material!
We also introduce it onthis page , so please read it (-ω-)

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