#672N BIO CLOTH now on sale! !


hello! Rinrei tape.
It is introduction of new product this time :D

Since the tape is casually next to you every day, why not make it environmentally friendly?

The first product in the "GREEN STYLE" series of eco-friendly products that we started!
Introducing 672N bio cloth tape!

Polyethylene warif ® packing tape that uses plant-derived bio-polyethylene as the base material.
*Warif® is a registered trademark of ENEOS Techno Materials Co., Ltd.

The strength is comparable to that of ordinary polyethylene warif tape.
It is possible to cut it by hand.
Adhesion is of course strong.
Because it is transparent, even if there is something written under the tape, it can be read.

These are the same benefits as ordinary packing tape!
But ~?

Acquired 10% biomass mark!
CO2 emissions during combustion are reduced by 50% compared to our cloth tape!
95% less residue when burned compared to our cloth tape!

See below for details.

A monitor campaign is secretly underway for a limited time!
One case of bio cloth tape as a condition of hearing! 30 volumes! You can try it! ! !
Please read the following!

that's all! It was K.

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